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Conspiracy of Orphans, Tramshed 2023. Supported by Arts Council England. Photo credit @ Dom Martin. Heading to Gothenburg Fringe Festival 2023! Tickets HERE.

Unforgettable Girl 2023 WINNER Pleasance Generate award WINNER Offfest award for Best Show in a Short Run and WINNER of The Stage Debut Award for Best Performer in a Play.  The Stage ★★★★★  "(It) is a standout show that keeps the audience at the midpoint between laughter, discomfort and horror." Showing at Edinburgh Fringe 2023. 


Unforgettable-Girl Poster V4.jpg


Created a Monster is a female-led non-profit theatre company formed in 2014 at Ecole Jacques Lecoq, Paris. We focus on physical storytelling to communicate and engage with our audiences through mime, the grotesque and the exploration of personal hells. The territories of a. The relationship between mental illness and creativity and b. The stories of the voiceless, we return to again and again.

"★★★★★ a standout show that keeps the audience at the midpoint between laughter, discomfort and horror." - The Stage (Angelo Irving, 2021)


"Profoundly moving, powerful and visually striking. The performers skilfully communicated the
characters' loss with both humour, vulnerability and imagination." - Marie McCarthy, Artistic Director of
Omnibus Theatre

“Original, heartwarming, striking, apocalyptic and mesmerising; we were totally wrapped in it.” - Sharlit
Deyzac & Amy Clare Tasker, Voila! Europe festival directors


"★★★★ ...we become aware of our shared, complex and valuable humanity. It’s beautiful." - Broadway Baby

“★★★★ Bristling with a Rottweiler-level energy. Brilliantly powerful.” - Spy in the Stalls


“Weird. Poetic. Horrific. Hilarious.” – Paul Arditti

“Powerful, visceral, insane, tender, disgusting.” – Thomas Bostock, Gruff Theatre

“Fantastic... my heartiest recommendation is to check them out” – Teaterungdom (Oslo)




Conspiracy of Orphans, 2022.  Photo credit @ Carlos M Reis

Photo Credit_ Bettina Adela for Rich Mix

Conspiracy of Orphans, 2019.  Photo credit @ Bettina Adela


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